The buying journey

You have found the dream location near Lymm, somewhere you’d love to call home. You have a price in mind, and the time to make that life-changing purchase is perfect. You just need to join the dots up. Thankfully, the house buying process does not have to be stressful, especially when you choose an experienced agent that knows the area thoroughly.

Bridgewater Estates & Lettings understands the Lymm area, a gorgeous village in the wonderful Cheshire countryside. We live and work here, it’s what we know best, and our experienced team are ready to make your journey from search through to key collection hassle-free.

There is no standard house buyer. Everyone is different, with unique requirements and an often endless personal checklist of must-haves. That outstanding school, some great pubs and restaurants, beautiful scenery, and of course handy access to road and rail. Whether you are a first-time purchaser, moving up the property ladder or buying as an investment, the Bridgewater staff can help you get the property mix in Lymm just right.

Our website can help you step through the buying process, but if you already have a purchase figure in mind you can check out some of the fantastic Lymm properties listed HERE.

Setting your budget

How do you calculate that purchase figure? There is no magical formula, but having the best possible advice about location, market values and what you can comfortably afford is a good starting point. If you are selling a property, Bridgewater can provide you with an up-to- date appraisal – an honest, realistic valuation. With an equity figure in mind, you know what you can afford. The same applies if you have a substantial deposit saved; it gives you additional options and a clear idea about what property price range you can target.

Most buyers need a mortgage, and that’s why Bridgewater has formed a trusted partnership with a local Independent Financial Advisor. Getting a mortgage figure agreed in principle means that you can proceed with confidence. You will know which financial products suit your needs, and what level of repayments slot in with your lifestyle. But there’s always more. Your advisor will also talk you through those often overlooked necessities, such as stamp duty, arrangement fees and any charges likely to be presented by the solicitor. It really is worth knowing where you stand from the start.

Finding the right property

Hunting for your dream home can be exciting, frustrating, disappointing and incredibly rewarding – often in the same week! It really can be a roller-coaster ride, testing your emotions to the limit. The whole process takes time, and you sometimes need to take a step back to re-assess your options.

It helps to make a list of things you’d like, love and must have in your new home. That is the springboard to success. The Bridgewater consultants can help, fine-tuning your search requirements and keeping you informed. We offer email alerts, and of course if that exact match comes on the market we’ll be straight on the phone to you. That way you get to view properties immediately.

You’re almost there! But remember, this could be your home for the next five, ten or twenty years. Ask questions. Lots of questions. Awkward ones, probing and practical questions. Forget the décor; you can change the paint and wallpaper. Undress each room and imagine your furniture in place. You need to know about noise, neighbours, plumbing, traffic and rising damp. Oh, and where the sun sets!

Go on, make an offer…

So you have found THE property, the house that will hopefully become home, where you will entertain and welcome friends and family. It’s perfect. But keep a level head. It’s time to make an offer, to find that point where buyer and seller agree terms. Of course Bridgewater can assist, offer advice to ease you through the turbulent waters of negotiation. Whatever it takes, we will be on hand to support you.

Now the important stuff. When your offer has been accepted there’s plenty of paperwork to complete. A good agent will guide you through the jargon and help you progress legal matters through to completion. Our business is your business, and making sure that you find the right property in Lymm is very important to us…